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Biotin & Caffeine Thickening Shampoo


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Designed specifically to prevent hair loss, giving it volume, lightness and elasticity. Contains a unique complex of active ingredients that effectively strengthen hair and maintain its health.

The shampoo contains very mild surfactants with the addition of conditioning ingredients for gentle cleaning without tangling the hair. Does not contain parabens and sulfates, tones, pleasantly refreshes, gives hair additional volume and keeps it light.

Polygonium extract - prevents early gray hair, improves melanin production.

Biotin – improves the elasticity of skin and hair by stimulating collagen production and maintaining hydro-lipid balance. Protects against exposure to UV rays.

Baobab extract contains fatty acids such as oleic, linolenic and palmitic acids, which provide elasticity and restoration to hair and skin. Promotes healing of psoriatic manifestations and eczema.

Ginseng – improves skin nutrition and regeneration.

Anemarena, angelica, caffeine, thuja orientalis, ginger, menthol - stimulate growth, awakening “dormant” bulbs, as antioxidants that improve oxygen exchange and blood microcirculation due to the warming effect.

Betaine (beet extract) moisturizes, has an anti-inflammatory effect, strengthens follicles, eliminates static and adds shine.

Bay oil - prevents itching and flaking due to its moisturizing and moisture-retaining effect. It has antimicrobial and antifungal properties and is an analogue of the natural component of sebum of the scalp. Effectively prevents hair porosity.

Proline is an amino acid that is a component of collagen and restores collagen molecules in the deepest layers of hair.

Hydrolyzed soy and rice proteins - build in structure and restore damaged areas of hair.

Castoryl maleate is a powerful antioxidant with anti-aging effect.

Directions for use: foam a sufficient amount of shampoo in your palms and apply to a moistened broad head and root zone. Massage until foam forms. Rinse thoroughly with clean water, washing hair along the entire length. Repeat the procedure to achieve better results. To complete the hair care ritual, apply and evenly distribute the conditioner-mask for weak hair prone to brittleness and hair loss with biotin and caffeine on a wide head and along the entire length of the hair for 3-5 minutes and rinse with water. If deeper hydration is necessary, the procedure time can be increased to 15 minutes, and during the procedure, wrap your head with cling film and a terry towel. parting hair After thoroughly washing your skin and hair with warm water, pat your hair dry with a towel and immediately apply an anti-hair loss spray enriched with biotin and caffeine along the hair partings. Make a light massage of the scalp with your fingertips to improve absorption and further stimulate local blood circulation in the scalp.

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